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We only work alongside the best! Our solar panel warranty is up to 30 years for productivity and up to 15 years for mechanical damage. For inverters and mounting, the warranty will depend on the manufacturer and is usually up to 12 years.

Prices of the panels

The price for solar systems will largely be dependant on the production technology and capacity. Because there are different options available, the most common would be to choose solar panels according to the price per W. This can be calculated when diving the price of the solar panel with the capacity of the PV-module. (For example, 120€/300W=0,4€/W)


There is a variety of options available for subsidies. You can choose from KredEx Private Home Renovation Support, KredEx Solar Panel Investment Support, Elering renewable energy grant or PRIA (Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board).

It must be noted that many national grants cannot be used at the same time and the choice must be between Elering, KredEx or PRIA grant. Elering will pay out the grant for a longer period of time whereas KredEx/PRIA will support installation of the system as a onetime payment.

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