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Have you considered transforming your home to a more environmentally friendly space? Solar energy is an excellent choice for lowering your monthly energy costs and improving your household energy label. The system is easily monitorable and the produced energy can be measured. As residential areas have very little free space, it is common to use the existing roof for installation of solar panels. Nonetheless, a ground installation is also available if there is enough space.

Another option would be to install panels on the ground. Ground installation is a great choice and is often preferred over the roof solution since it better enables changing the direction of the panels and does not set any limits for size. In Estonia, the best optimal orientation would be towards the South, with a 35-45-degree tilt.

It is important to note that inspection of the situation of the roof before installation is recommended. It may happen that it is wiser to renew the roof or the construction under it prior to installing the panels. The next important aspect is the type of the roof. There are different mounting systems for flat roof, seam metal, trapezoidal and others – we will help you figure out which solution is best suited for you. Household energy consumption also plays a key role since it will help determine the optimal size of the PV-system.

Solar panel installation

Solar systems offer multiple opportunities for installation in a populated area as well as in the countryside without influencing the potential energy efficiency. We are here to help you find the best possible solution for you.

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Profitability for residential project

While calculating the profitability of solar systems the most important factors are always the cost of installation, the system’s annual production, current market price of electricity and grants. Based on experience, we can assume that the price for electricity will be on the continuous rise. As the cost and production value are different for each specific project, we analyse and price every project individually.

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