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Many office buildings and production companies have spacious roof areas, which could be easily used for installing profitable solar systems. The system will noticeably reduce the business’s fixed costs. By consuming solar energy, the business will not have the need to purchase energy from the grid which will help save money from electricity network charges. If your company manages to consume most of the self-produced solar energy itself, then the return on investment could be reached within eight years.

Businesses are constantly working towards minimizing their carbon footprint and to be more environmentally friendly. With solar systems it is possible to achieve remarkable energy savings and cut down on CO2 emissions. As Corporate Social Responsibility importance increases daily, being “green” certainly sends a strong message to partners and clients that your company truly cares about sustainability and the future.

Solar installation

Solar systems offer multiple opportunities for installation in a populated area as well as in the countryside without influencing the potential energy efficiency. We are here to help you find the best possible solution. Solar panels are available to install on rooftops as well as on the ground.

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Profitability of solar panels

While calculating the profitability of solar systems the most important factors are always the cost of installation, the system’s annual production, current market price of electricity and grants. Based on experience, we can assume that the price for electricity will be on the continuous rise. As the cost and production value are different for each specific project, we analyse and price every project individually.

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