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Sample set and starter package for Corporate clients

Sample set of a 50 kW PV-system

Drafting the documents
JA Solar solar panels – 60 kW
Inverter with a size of 50 kW
Mounting system
Electrical materials

  • yearly production with ideal conditions ca 60 000 kWh, on roofs ca 55 000 kWh
  • Transportation costs according to location

Price 38 500€ + VAT

Starter package

Starter package is a complete solution for a customer who wisher to get up-to-date information regarding investment size and opportunity.

We will analyse the installation site/roof, create a layout, prepare applications to local government and grid operator, and as a final result the customer would have an idea whether the investment would be something to consider.

  1. We will create a first layout
  2. We will provide an application to local government in order to receive conditions for installation /possible project design*
  3. Create an application to grid operator for required installation capacity*
  4. We will take a look at payback time and return of the investment
  5. As a final step we will create a price offer for the whole PV-system as we know what awaits us

*Getting conditions from local government and grid operator can take a while and one must be prepared to wait. In some cases there is no need to have building conditions from local government.

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