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Solar energy

Solar panels are the most reliable form of renewable energy production. Save on your monthly bills, be a part of environmentally friendly mindset, raise your properties energy class and increase market value. Solar panels are a great possibility for investment, which ensures a steady future for decades.

Is there really enough sun in Estonia?

Solar energy is the only renewable, free of charge and inexhaustible form of energy. Every day more sunshine reaches the earth that we take advantage of. This is exactly the reason why choosing solar energy will be the best possible choice.

Common myths that say there is not enough sunshine in Estonia are not true. For example, solar systems efficiency can be easily compared with systems placed in Northern Germany. The fact that our climate is slightly cooler is an advantage over Germany’s larger daily dose of sunshine. For the best results it is important to place solar panels in direction to the South, however it is also possible to direct the system towards East or West, depending on the needs of daily energy supply.

Why is a solar park profitable?

Installing a solar park will add value to your property, cut down on regular expenses and gives the freedom to produce some of your consumed energy. Possibilities to apply for grants and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle are a big bonus.

What is a solar park or a PV- system?

Solar park or a PV-system is a combination of solar panels, an inverter, a mounting system and the connection between the last two. It is possible to install both, on-grid and off-grid systems.
An off-grid system is more beneficial in places where there are no grid connections and where there is no other option than to save the energy produces. On-grid systems are always connected to the electricity grid and will help reduce fixed costs as the leftover energy could be sold back to your utility company. 

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