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Solar systems offer multiple opportunities for installation in a populated area as well as in the countryside without influencing the potential energy efficiency. We are here to help you find the best possible solution.

Installation on gable roof

The installation of solar systems on gable roof is an excellent choice because of the angle of the roof compared with a flat rooftop. The best productivity will be guaranteed if the roof is in the direction of the South and there are no immediate shadows (trees, side buildings, etc). The best angle for solar panels attached to a gable roof is 40°, this will ensure the best possible efficiency all year around.

Installation on flat roof

Installing a solar system on a flat roof is a great opportunity to effectively turn an unused area into a profitable one. The best most optimal angle for the solar system on a flat roof is 15°, which will ensure the best safety and possible efficiency. The construction will be fixated on the rooftop with extra weights, which means it will not pierce the actual building.

The systems installed on the flat roof are easy to maintain as all the system details are easily accessible.

Installation on the ground

Installing solar systems on the ground is the easiest and most preferable as it does not set any limits to the position or angle of the system. To create the most efficient systems on the ground, we recommend using larger and more powerful solar panels. These will also have a lower price range as it is easier to mount with less material costs.

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