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Hire purchase

Inbank hire purchase

Inbank hire purchase splits your purchase amount into parts, and with a flexible payment method, you don’t have to worry about overwhelming expenses.

For example, if you want to buy solar panels at a starting price of EUR 12,000 (EUR 10,000 in credit, EUR 2,000 down payment) and a 48-month hire purchase agreement, you’ll pay EUR 278.02 each month. Under these model conditions, the total amount of credit and the amount of the repayments are EUR 13 344.55.

The hire purchase option offered by Inbank AS is a convenient way to acquire the necessary goods, regardless of which bank you are a customer of. Once you have selected the product and wish to pay in installments, we will make you a suitable hire purchase offer.

Terms and conditions of hire purchase:

  • downpayment from EUR 0.
  • installment amount EUR 100-20 000
  • installment period is 4 to 72 months
  • one-time contract fee EUR 99
  • an interest rate of 7,9% per annum on the amount financed

Requirements for the Applicant

  • you are an Estonian citizen or have a residence permit, and you are at least 20 years of age
  • Your monthly net income is at least EUR 260. Regular income includes for example: salary, pension, or paternal benefit
  • previous payment behavior is correct, and there are no active payment defaults

We kindly ask you to send all inquiries to hinnapakkumised@solar4you.ee.

The annual percentage rate of charge for hire purchase is 15.54% per annum, subject to the following model conditions: net price of the object of the contract with immediate payment EUR 12 000, credit amount EUR 10 000, down payment EUR 2000, contract period 48 months, fixed interest rate 7,9% calculated from the purchase amount, one-time contract fee of EUR 99, monthly installment EUR  278,02, total amount of credit and repayments EUR 13 344,55. The creditor is Inbank AS.  Before entering into a contract, carefully read the terms and conditions of the desired contract and, if necessary, consult an Inbank AS employee or another specialist.

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